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 Our custom fat tire beach cruisers are ideal for riding on the boardwalks, river paths, street cruising and campgrounds. These Fat Tire Cruisers is recognized for the aesthetic appeal of the fat tire bike, so we have made technical improvements with a modern bicycle frame design. 

Our Men's and Ladies Beach Cruisers is split into two main categories - single speed and three-speed. The single speed aluminum bikes have a nice modern design with dual hydraulic brakes.  The 3-speed Aluminum Fat Tire Beach Cruiser comes with a Sturmey Archer internal hub, KMC Rust resistant chain, hydraulic front and rear disc brakes and internal cable routing. Our custom Aluminum frame is new from the custom fat tire cruiser company. No one can touch our quality and our design, especially our colors.

The wheels on all the Bahama fat tire are 26 inch by 4 inch and 3 inch fat tire cruisers, These sizes of wheel has two main features. The first is the 4 inch width of the wheel that houses wide tires. The tire design is a lightweight that enables the wheels to travel on top of firm sand, snow, dirt and paved roads.
The second feature of the wheels is that they naturally raise the frame. This doesn't prevent shorter riders from being comfortable on the bike as the seating position can be set low. However, it does mean that taller riders can also ride comfortably, making our fat tire cruiser suitable for anyone from about 5' up to 6'9"
Other features of both the single speed and 3-speed custom beach cruisers include a three-piece crank, steel frame with an inverted and larger down tube, and aluminum wheels. The frame and the wheels are painted in a range of exotic colors. All the bikes are fitted with comfortable seats that have plenty of padding and rubber springs, while the handlebars are beach style or ape hanger style, with leather grips.
We only produce high-quality bicycles at our manufacturing facility that has been making bikes for over 50 years.
Bahama Beach Cruisers builds an affordable new-aluminum-fat-tire-beach-cruiser and 3 inch fat-tire-cruisers  that have transcended the bike industry and will be a leader in innovative bike styles, year to come.