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Fat Tire Beach Cruisers | Mission Beach, San Diego

A terrific way to ride Fat Tire Beach Cruisers, either through the main artery through Mission Beach, San Diego. Not to mention the boardwalks along the beaches on both the ocean and bay sides of the community.  Mission Beach spans nearly two miles of ocean front. It is bounded by the San Diego River estuary on the south, Mission Bay Park on the east, and the community of Pacific Beach on the north. The community is divided into South Mission, a peninsula, and North Mission. At the south end of the beach a jetty, with grass, parking and a walk, extends into the ocean.   Single and 3 Speed Fat Tire Cruisers  

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Fat Tire Beach Cruiser Bicycles | Catalina Island, California

Approximately, one million people travel to Catalina Island every year.  Fat tire beach cruiser bicycles are quite popular on the island.  Glass bottom boats tour the reefs and shipwrecks of the area, and scuba diving and snorkeling are popular in the clear water. Lover's Cove, to the east of Avalon, and Descanso Beach, to the west of the Casino, are popular places to dive. The Avalon Underwater Dive Park was the first non-profit underwater park in the United States. The area flying fish and the bright orange Garibaldi are attractions.[citation needed] Parasailing is also offered.      

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Fat Tire Cruisers, Beach Cruiser Bike, Custom Bicycles | Tempe, Arizona

In 1995, the City of Tempe added more staff and began construction of a mile long bike path for fat tire cruiser bikes along the south bank of the river. The path features public art at a number of spots along the way. The city began the Town Lake design report and completed another financial capacity study and landscape designs for portions of the parks. The next year, the consultant completed construction drawings for the Tempe Town Lake and the City designated 800 acres (3.2 km2) of area including the lake as Rio Salado Park. On March 19, 1997, requests for bids were sent out for the lake construction. The city awarded contacts for construction of the lake on June...

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