Assembly Instructions: Single and 3 Speed Fat Tire Beach Cruisers

 Assembly Instructions: Single and 3 Speed Fat Tire Beach Cruisers

  1. Open box carton, remove small box.
  2. Lift the head tube vertical up and lift bike away from staples.
  3. Forks being forward.
  4. Rotational tire arrow forward.
  5. Left pedal on left arm, right pedal on right arm
  6. Place wheel on forks with hook washer and nut.
  7. Use 15 mm wrench to tighten wheel nuts.
  8. Use 15 mm wrench to tighten left and right pedals.
  9. Insert seat tube into seat and tighten with a 14 mm wrench
  10. Insert handlebar headset into head tube, tighten with 13 mm wrench.
  11. Remove all protective layers of wrapping from bike.
  12. Attach rear left and right red reflectors by a screwdriver.
  13. Attach Front white reflector by using 10 mm wrench.
  14. Enjoy the Bahama Cruiser and be safe.
  15. 20 PSI per tire for 3 speed bike
  16. 20-35 PSI per tire for the single speed bike

Click the link below for instructions:

How to adjust hydraulic brake video: